Twelve months ago Zonta House partnered with a well-respected provider in the Centre for Social Impact UWA to assist us in a review of our self developed Life Matrix, support us to link data so we could do individual analysis of impact and do an overall impact report of our programs. We need to be accountable and we need to continuously come back to what it is we are aiming to achieve.

Key impacts of our programs included provision of safe and supportive accommodation; increased wellbeing of women; increased economic independence of women; better family relationships; and a breaking the cycle of family and domestic violence.


Zonta House Social Impact Report

Zonta House Social Impact Infographic

Zonta House Refuge Association Inc. Strategic Plan 2021 to 2025


“I would like to acknowledge the experiences of all victim survivors and in particular recognise that behind each number and each statistic is a woman whose story and experience is her own. I further acknowledge that while we play a significant role in supporting women and children at risk of harm as an organisation, we do work within a specialist sector, the broader community service sector, and importantly with the women themselves. ” – Kelda Oppermann CEO


Zonta House welcomed 80 of our funders, donors, supporters, peers and committee on Thursday 10th June to the launch of the 2021 Social Impact Report which measures the impact of our services and programs available for women experiencing family and domestic violence. 

Presentations were made from Kelda Oppermann CEO, Paul Flatau Professor Centre for Social Impact UWA and Gail Curtis Chairperson with a panel Q&A session at the conclusion.