Zonta House commissioned Social Ventures Australia (SVA) to undertake an independent evaluation of our activities to determine the social and economic value returned for all stakeholders.  The analysis looked at 12 months of our programs from January to December 2021.


The SROI ratio was estimated as 1:4.47, that is for every $1 invested in Zonta House, $4.47 of social and economic value is created.

“As an organisation, we have a responsibility to victim-survivors and to the greater public to ensure our services are meeting the needs of the people and families we exist for, that our programs do have an impact and the funding provided is utilised efficiently. Our ambition is that services such as ours are unnecessary but until there is a time that perpetrators are held to account and there is societal change there will be a need for victim-survivor responses and support. Whilst women continue to be unsafe in their homes and at risk of serious harm and death there is a need for refuge. These services must be driven to respond to their needs, be of the highest quality and have adequate and significant investment into a holistic model of care across Australia.”  Kelda Oppermann CEO

23 incredible women who had been supported across our programs were interviewed as part of the analysis and their stories have been incorporated in part throughout the report.

Report for Download: Social Return on Investment Report

Report at a Glance: SROI Report at a Glance

Social Return on Investment Poster

“The report found that Zonta House delivers a strong SROI based on the significant value it creates for women experiencing family and domestic violence and that we generate significant social and economic value for women, their children and the broader community. We are incredibly proud of the impact we have.” Gail Curtis, Chairperson

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  • Zonta’s help was a stepping stone.  They showed me the bridge.  If not for the bridge, I wouldn’t have crossed it
  • Before Zonta, I felt like I was going to lose myself. Like I was in a pitch-dark place by myself. Zonta were my white light in a small hole. Now I feel like I’m out of the dark, I’m happy.
  • Zonta loved me back to health.
  • Zonta is unique because of the women there. The teamwork is amazing. The team support each other as much as they can.
  • Without Zonta, I probably wouldn’t be here.
  • Zonta are different because they actually care. They treat you like a human being, not just a number. You feel like you’re worthwhile, that you’ll get out of this.
  • Zonta don’t tell you what you have to do – they give you choices.
  • Zonta showed me that I’m so much more than a DV relationship person. I’m now the first person to advocate for myself.