“The past twelve months have also been witness to a consolidation of our positive reputation in the sector. This can be attributed to our proactive approach to taking a leadership role and positive contribution wherever possible.’ 

Glenda Scott, Chair, Zonta House Refuge Association

The 2015/2016 Annual report is now available. A sincere thank you to Impact Communications for their generous work in designing the annual report and to Grant Thornton for hosting our Annual General Meeting last week..

Click here to read the full report. Highlights include:

  • This past financial year, 246 women accessed the crisis accommodation service, presenting due to various situations; a personal or family crisis, domestic violence and/or homelessness.
  • We were successful in our preferred supplier application with the Department for Child Protection and Family Support and moving from output to outcome based funding.
  • Zonta House was awarded the WACOSS Community Excellence Award 2016 for a medium size organisation for the ongoing Positive Pathways program.
  • Under the Positive Pathways program we hosted more than 44 education workshops with almost 300 attendees, community awareness sessions to more than 1800 people, and supported Starting Over Support (SOS) to become a unique and independent charity in Western Australia from July 1 2016.
  • Working in collaboration with the new Lead 24/7 Specialist Emergency Response Service System Model and the Department for Child Protection and Family Support. The purpose of the model is to improve access to crisis accommodation and address immediate danger for women with or without children.
  • Zonta House worked with a number of individuals, community groups and corporate organisations on a selection of events, work place giving, in kind support and fundraising.

We look forward to another successful year ahead with your continued support!