Q. What is a refuge?

A. Our refuge is a safe house for women who are unable to stay safely in their homes because they are being abused (whether physically, sexually or emotionally) or are at risk of abuse.


Q. Who can go?

A. Any women over the age of 18, without children.


Q. How do I get there?

A. You can contact Zonta House, through the Police at any time, and through Crisis Care.


Q. How long can I stay?

A. Anything from a few days to six weeks in crisis accommodation. Zonta also have transitional accommodation options for up to six months.


Q. What about the children?

A. If you have children there are several refuges in Perth metro and around Regional WA that we can refer you to.


Q. What do I do for money?

A. You will receive information and support in relation to accessing available financial resources such as Centrelink benefits.


Q. What advice is available?

A. Zonta House can help women rebuild their confidence, self esteem and life skills through the Positive Pathways initiative.


Q. But all I want is a break!

A. Many women come to the refuge because they need breathing space and time to think and may only stay one hour or one night. Some women decide to return home to try again.


Q. Can I go back to the refuge after I have left it?

A. Yes, you can return you need refuge again. You can contact us for advice and support at any time.


Q. What about safety – I’m afraid he will find me.

A. We can put you in touch with other refuges as near or as far away as you want. Refuge addresses are kept as confidential as possible to ensure the safety of the women using them. We can also assist with Violence Restraining Orders.


Q. I don’t want to go into a refuge. I just want to talk.

A. We offer support to women who don’t want to come into the refuge but do want to talk. We can do this by phone or at any suitable safe place.