In danger now? DIAL 000


All donations are to be dropped off to the Willetton Head Office.
To arrange your drop off please email [email protected] or call 1800 870 149 option 5 to speak to one of the team.


Are you planning a large event, be it a conference, seminar, or community gathering? Make it an opportunity to not only showcase your own endeavors but also to raise awareness and support for a cause that matters. Zonta House is ready to join forces with you to share insights into our work and shed light on the critical issue of Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) in our community. By including Zonta House in your event, you’re aligning your organisation with a meaningful cause. It’s a chance to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and make a positive impact on a pressing societal issue.


Casual Friday Donations are a simple yet impactful initiative that encourages your colleagues to contribute a small donation (a gold coin, for example) in exchange for the privilege of dressing down on Fridays. It’s a fantastic way to foster a sense of community within your workplace while making a real difference in the lives of those supported by Zonta House.

Small contributions from each team member can quickly accumulate into a significant donation. This collective effort demonstrates the power of unity and showcases your workplace’s commitment to social responsibility.


You can actively contribute to Zonta House through the Containers for Change scheme in WA by simply collecting eligible containers and using Zonta House’s unique scheme ID C10300754 when returning them. By signing up with Containers for Change and linking their returns to Zonta House’s ID, supporters ensure that the refund value of the containers goes directly to supporting the organization’s programs and initiatives.

Every container returned counts towards providing essential services and support to women in our services, supporters can make a tangible difference in the lives of those most vulnerable, fostering positive change within the community.


Make your birthday a meaningful occasion by turning it into an opportunity to support women in need in your community. Instead of traditional presents, invite your friends and family to contribute to Zonta House through monetary donations. Every dollar goes directly to our programs, making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Create a dedicated online fundraising page on platforms like GoFundMe or Facebook, clearly stating your intention to collect donations for Zonta House in lieu of birthday gifts. Share the link with your friends and family. Join us in creating a community where birthdays not only mark the passing of time but also leave a lasting legacy of positive change.


Host a morning tea at your organisation, bringing friends and colleagues together for a event that not only satisfies sweet cravings but also contributes to a worthy cause. Bake and sell an array of delicious treats, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting the impactful programs at Zonta House. It’s an excellent opportunity for team building, fostering relationships, and creating a sense of community within your organisation.

By hosting a morning tea fundraiser, you’re not only treating your colleagues to a delightful experience but also creating a ripple effect of generosity that reaches women in need. Join us in turning the joy of baking into a powerful force for positive change!

If you are in immediate danger, or someone you know is in immediate danger please do not hesitate and call Police on 000.

If you are at risk, please ensure you follow the eSafety Commission recommendations for staying safe online.

Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) can happen in relationships with a partner, defacto, family member, carer, boyfriend or girlfriend.

This behaviour can be threatening, abusive, violent, coercive, stalking, controlling, making someone feel scared and/or forcing them to do things they don’t want to do.

It can occur in current or past imitate relationships, family settings, or extended family groups.

For more information on what is considered Family and Domestic Violence, or how to identify it please visit Safe and Equal or 1800RESPECT. WA’s after-hours response helpline is available 24/7 if you are in crisis and need urgent help for refuge assessment or emergency accommodation options Crisis Care Free Call 1800 199 008