B2FTDP Aboriginal woman and child

Zonta House provides FDV specialist support to women who are Department of Communities – Housing Authority tenants in the Southeast metro area. Safer Pathways works with women who are residing separately from their perpetrators as well as with women who are residing with perpetrators.

The program provides supports and interventions to keep women and children safe in their homes by utilising effective strategies that reduce domestic violence offending. This is accomplished through comprehensive risk assessment, safety planning, case management as well as education and awareness for both the tenants and property officers. Additionally, Safer Pathways works alongside property officers and other professionals to empower them in recognising the signs of family violence and to confidently offer assistance in a sensitive and supportive manner.

Funding is currently provided by the Department of Communities. This program has been operating since 2016.



Safer Pathways for Women and Children Brochure