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Supported Refuge Accommodation

Welcome to our refuge accommodation, providing a safe place to rest, recover, and heal.

Our dedicated team offers care and support without judgment.

On arrival into the service, you will be connected with a dedicated Support Coordinator and team of Women Advocates who will be led by you and your individual support needs.

During your stay, you will be surrounded by a culturally safe and inclusive environment.

The staff listened to my needs; someone was always there to listen to me. They allowed me to grieve from the relationship in my own time, it was the first time I have felt safe to do this.

Anonymous Client

We can help you with

  • Safety Planning
  • Violence Restraining Order (VRO) application and court attendances
  • Access to other services, including legal/justice, financial, visa, parenting, mental health, housing and substance misuse
  • Support coordination to achieve your own goals
  • Establishing a safe and inclusive relationship with your community while maintaining cultural connections

During your time in supported refuge accommodation you are welcome to engage in the many services provided at Zonta House to support you in your healing and recovery.

Please reach out to our Refuges for any questions or concerns, which are operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remember – you are not alone!

Phone: 1800 870 149 – option 1 or 2 alternatively via email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have visitors while I am at the refuge?

Unfortunately no visitors are permitted at the refuge due to confidentiality and safety of the refuge location and for all women accessing safe accommodation.

Do I have to pay to stay at the refuge?

While there is a cost associated with staying in our accommodation, we understand that financial circumstances can vary.

Our priority is to ensure that all women have access to the support they need, regardless of their financial situation.  Please speak to one of our team to discuss your individual circumstance 24/7 1800 870 149 option 1 or 2.

Do I have to share a bedroom?

All women will have their own bedroom. All other facilities, including communal areas such as kitchen, living room, and some bathrooms are shared among residents.

One of our refuges is fully accessible with rooms that can accommodate women with any accessibility requirements. Please feel to discuss any specific support needs with our team.

Do I provide my own food?

Yes.  We are also able to support with everyday essentials where needed and/or identified such as toiletries, clothing and other everyday items which all can be discussed with our team.

How do I get to the refuge?

Depending on your circumstances we are able to assist you with safe transport to the confidential Refuge location.  We will ask that you turn off location services on your mobile phone to ensure the location remains confidential.

How long can I stay at the refuge?

In general, women can stay in our supported refuge accommodation for up to 12 weeks, although the length of stay is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

We recognise that each woman’s situation is unique, and our priority is to provide tailored assistance to meet the individual needs of each woman.

I am in Australia on a Visa, can I stay in the accommodation?

We are able to accommodate all women in our services. If you are on any type of Australian Visa this is not an issue.  We are able to discuss this in more detail with you in person or over the phone.

You can contact our Women’s Advocates 24/7 on 1800 870 149 option 1 or option 2 when prompted.

I have a pet, can they come with me?

We are able to assist in facilitating a referral to the Pets in Crisis program operated by the RSPCA.

This is a free service providing a temporary home for pets whose owners are experiencing immediate family and domestic violence.

Pets are placed in a loving foster home for up to three months while their owner seeks refuge or temporary accommodation of their own.

The Pets in Crisis program is offered throughout Perth and the metropolitan area, the South West, and in the Great Southern.

If leaving your pet is a barrier for you or the Pets in Crisis program is unsuitable please call to speak to one of the team to discuss further.

I have children, what happens to them?

Our refuges are tailored to provide safe accommodate for women without children currently in their care.

We fully support mothers and work closely with them to reunite with their children in other safe accommodation, providing comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the process.

What is a safety plan?

Our Support Coordinators will work with you to create a safety plan to help you feel safer from family and domestic violence, whether you have left your relationship or you choose to stay.

Sometimes safety plans might include trusted family members, friends, or support services who you feel comfortable to contact for support. It also includes your perpetrator’s identifying details, ways in which you can keep yourself safe, and useful numbers such as 000 and Crisis Care.

If you are in immediate danger, or someone you know is in immediate danger please do not hesitate and call Police on 000.

If you are at risk, please ensure you follow the eSafety Commission recommendations for staying safe online.

Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) can happen in relationships with a partner, defacto, family member, carer, boyfriend or girlfriend.

This behaviour can be threatening, abusive, violent, coercive, stalking, controlling, making someone feel scared and/or forcing them to do things they don’t want to do.

It can occur in current or past imitate relationships, family settings, or extended family groups.

For more information on what is considered Family and Domestic Violence, or how to identify it please visit Safe and Equal or 1800RESPECT. WA’s after-hours response helpline is available 24/7 if you are in crisis and need urgent help for refuge assessment or emergency accommodation options Crisis Care Free Call 1800 199 008