In responding to domestic and family violence, it is time to focus on prevention and early intervention. Zonta House believes that anyone can be trained to recognise the signs of family violence and offer assistance in a sensitive and supportive manner. We can all play a role in creating a culture of respect and preventing violence.

Zonta House aims to increase awareness and improve responses to domestic violence. This will be accomplished through three focus areas:

  • Primary Intervention – Bystander programme to the general community to educate and bring about social and cultural change.
  • Early Intervention – Workshops provided to universal services and organisations to help members of staff identify and support individuals experiencing FDV; and
  • Crisis Response – Service specific training provided to front line and specialist services ensuring uniform assessments and consistent responses to family violence across agencies.

All training will include components of the provision of practical actions that participants can do to prevent FDV, support perpetrators and increase safety for victim survivors.

Funding is currently provided by Lotterywest.

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