The Positive Pathways program is a unique specialist program that provides free tailored workshops for women in the community. Each workshop is aimed at decreasing the impact and breaking the cycle of FDV by focusing on a woman’s recovery, safety, and wellbeing. The program has a one-stop shop structure that prioritises a woman’s wellbeing and security and breaks down the barriers for women to access other specialist support and services. The program helps nurture the woman’s self-esteem, by fostering their feelings of social inclusion and connectivity and developing their assertive communication skills, social skills and coping strategies.


Services we offer:

    • Education Workshops
    • Community Awareness
    • Inter-agency Advocacy
    • Coaching



Positive Pathways Program Flyer

Positive Pathways Semester TWO Calendar

Positive Pathways Referral Form

Positive Pathways facilitates two semester training calendars with a mixture of half day, one day and weekly programs. The calendar provides informative, fun and interactive workshops in a safe and welcoming environment to women and children in the community who have experienced or are at risk of family and domestic violence.

Positive Pathways provides much more than education – it is a holistic integrative approach looking at physical and emotional health and practical life skills support. Through donations provided to Zonta House women who attend can access items such as food, toiletries and clothes.

The biggest benefit to women is the sense of community, belonging and acceptance a participant feels from taking part in the Positive Pathways program. Participating in the courses they feel valued and connected. It is something that has been developed specific to their needs and is their space. The programs give women a sense of purpose and hope; and can completely alter the direction and outlook on life.

As evidenced in feedback women feel safe and heard. Trust is built in our support staff and the external service providers who we work with to cofacilitate content and provide warm referral pathways.

Yoga and Sound Therapy Workshop

The sessions often include guest speakers, referral opportunities and complimentary services. Sessions can be co-facilitated with other service providers to deliver the programs. Current partnerships include Western Australian Police, Women’s Legal Service, Fremantle Women’s Health, Jacaranda, Holyoake, The Young Women’s Boxing Project, Di Wilcox and Centrecare. Additional activities following the education component currently include sound therapy, boxing, art and crafts, meditation, yoga, hairdressing, cooking, aromatherapy and self-defence. The purpose of our partnerships is to break down the barriers for women to access the needed supports in the community in a safe and welcoming environment.

At present the Positive Pathways program receives referrals from different Perth women’s refuges, community services, job service providers, government departments and self referrals.

“I’ve always avoided group therapy. I got a lot out of yesterday, from arriving with a warm welcome that made a real difference for someone to feel comfortable enough to open up, share and talk. I felt we all took away something positive. I am now looking forward to attending future workshops and learning and gaining. Thank you once again.”