Positive Pathways to Safety for Women and the Community is a Zonta House Refuge Association Inc program.

Zonta House is one of the largest refuge association’s in Western Australia and has extensive experience in developing programs, delivering services and achieving successful outcomes.

The service arms of Zonta House provides a continuum of essential support and opportunities, for women and their families; from crisis to transitioning out of the service system, to achieving sustainable positive individual and community outcomes.  A ‘one stop shop’ of care, education, housing and support has been created to assist women in crisis to recover from their trauma and engage effectively in planning their future.

Positive Pathways is a unique program providing specialist FDV services in the Perth metropolitan area. It was a program developed by Zonta House based on identified need, community gaps and research. The extensiveness of the program and its outcomes remain one of its kind in Western Australia.

Positive Pathways provides much more than education – it is a holistic integrative approach looking at physical and emotional health and practical life skills support.

The purpose of the program is to provide specialist programs to decrease the impact and promote safety for women and children impacted by family and domestic violence and prevent family and domestic violence in the community. The program has been developed for women who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing family and domestic violence. This includes women with mental health, women with alcohol and other drug issues, women who are homeless, culturally and linguistically diverse women, indigenous women and women with disabilities

The objectives of the program is for individuals and families who are in crisis are supported to overcome their circumstances and live safe and fulfilled lives.

Positive Pathways Semester One 2021 Booklet

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