Are you interested in enhancing your organisation’s understanding of family and domestic violence and promoting a culture of workplace respect?

The Partnering in Prevention program could be for you!

What is the Program?

The Partnering in Prevention program is designed specifically for small to medium sized workplaces and community organisations.  The program aims to provide guidance and support to enhance organisational approaches to better support staff impacted by family and domestic violence (FDV) and promote an equal and respectful workplace.

What does the program include?

The Partnering in Prevention program can offer your workplace the following:

  • Training for all staff members including practical skills to become an active bystander when encountering disrespect. 
  • Clear explanation of employer obligations in relation to recent FDV leave legislation and assistance to develop or strengthen relevant workplace policies.
  • Support leadership to cultivate a genuine workplace culture that fosters equality and respect; 
  • Assist to develop a Gender Equality Action Plan, an invaluable tool to guide and reinforce your efforts in promoting equality within your organisation.

And the best part – IT’S FREE to workplaces who employ more than 5 but fewer than 100 individuals.

Organisational Practices

Gain valuable guidance and support in improving your organisation’s policies and understanding of recent family and domestic violence leave legislation, gender equality and workplace respect.


Elevate your team’s awareness and knowledge of gender-based violence and learn practical skills to become an active bystander when recognising disrespect. Discover how every team member can contribute to creating lasting and positive change.


Benefit from ongoing connection with Zonta House, who can assist in your organisation on its journey toward driving meaningful social change. Collaborate with like-minded workplaces and develop supportive networks that will strengthen your efforts.


Absolutely!  We recognise and respect that every workplace is unique. 

Our aim is to work with you to ensure that any recommendations and training provided are tailored and have a meaningful impact on your organisation.  We understand the importance of effectively integrating recommendations and training into your existing practices.

We are also adaptable to different organisational structures, whether you have dedicated Human Resources staff or not.  Our commitment remains the same: to work closely with you.  All we require is a designated contact person or workplace champion(s) who can dedicate time and effort to drive this agenda and collaborate with us.

The objective of primary prevention is to intervene and stop violence before it starts.  It’s about attempting to change attitudes, behaviours and accepted systems that excuse, justify, or tolerate family, domestic and sexual violence, sexual harassment and gender inequality. 

The State Government has made funding available until May 2024 under the Family and Domestic Violence Primary Prevention Grants Program as part of a Labour election commitment and Path to Safety: Western Australia’s Strategy to Reduce Family and Domestic Violence 2020-2030 strategy.  

Complete an Expression of Interest form below and one of our team members will be in contact soon to provide further information.

We welcome you to view our Partnering in Prevention newsletter.  In this edition, we are provide program updates, valuable insights and explore how we can all contribute to preventing violence against women.

Newsletter – November 2023

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