A quick update on the upcoming City to Surf. We currently have 15 runners and have raised $1005. With only 3 weeks to go, to beat our figures from last year we need another 36 runners/walkers and to raise $13995. Can you please share the information with your networks, friends and family and help us to reach our goals and those of the women and families we work with.

To learn more about why we are fundraising and who we are please see below for a transcript of a recent interview.

      1.  Your organisation provides housing and support to women who are victims of abuse and other crisis, how important is fundraising to your organisation?

Donations and fundraising make a significant contribution to Zonta House Refuge Association and enable us to add value to what we do. Zonta House are interested in growth opportunities and addressing the gaps in our communities particularly for women and their families who are experiencing family and domestic violence.   Within the current economic climate, government funding and corporate philanthropy are tight and donations are our life blood.  Seeking alternate sources of funding such as donations enables us to provide more holistic services and deliver the programs desperately needed by women and the community.

  1. Your goal is $15,000 do you expect to make that goal?

We were genuinely overwhelmed with the support received in our first effort last year – we had over 50 runners and raised over $15,000. We recognise times are tough and it will be more challenging this year but we are hopeful we can surpass both targets and have set a target to have over 70 runners and walkers and to raise over $20,000!

  1. Do you have any plans for the funds raised?

The funds raised will go towards the direct running of our Positive Pathways programs for 2015-2016. The Positive Pathways programs is based on the premise of prevention, intervention and recovery of women and families who have experienced family and domestic violence.

Zonta House Refuge Association were successful in obtaining funding to create the Positive Pathways to Safety for Women and Children program from the Department of the Attorney General (DOTAG) through the Criminal Confiscation Grant in June 2013 (Zonta House also provided a significant contribution). The program has evolved from the initial proposal and has been responsive based on community and consumer need.  We have had positive feedback from the women attending the services and from our sector. Some of the outcomes we have seen include women moving onto Tafe, returning to employment, seeking mental health and case management supports, women not returning to unhealthy relationships and families sustaining and gaining tenancies.  In the first year and a half of operation we have achieved:

  • Education Programs 210 referrals
  • Community Awareness 40 sessions 900 participants
  • Coaching over 100 one on one sessions
  • Start Over Support 105 referrals with resulting 200 children assisted
  • Counselling 90 sessions
  • Safety and Wellbeing APP

As of June 30 the program has at this stage only been successful in obtaining 35% of the funding required to continue to deliver the full range of services. The funds raised in this years’ City to Surf will go directly to the running of this program.

  1. Why do you choose Chevron City to Surf for Activ as a way to fundraise?

As a small charity we have limited resources to hold big enough events to raise the funds we need to run our programs. Being able to fundraise and get support from the community using an existing system enables an efficient use of our resources so we can spend more time delivering our much needed services.

  1. Do any of your women participate as a way to give back to the organisation?

We do invite women who access our services particularly those in our Positive Pathways programs to participate, not to give back but to be a part of and engage with the organisation and the greater community.  

  1. Has Zonta House ever had a team before? If yes, What brings you back each year.

We participated for the first time last year (2014) and as mentioned previously were overwhelmed with the support and enthusiasm of community members wanting to be involved by either running/walking, fundraising and donating to our cause. It was an exciting build up to the event and had fantastic feedback from groups and individuals across the different events. For me seeing on the day and receiving the photos of our team members in yellow shirts among the thousands of people attending was quite remarkable.   

  1. Will you be running in any team colours?

Team members will be wearing Zonta House yellow t-shirts with our logos and the phrase  “working together to stop family and domestic violence” adorned on the back.  They are quite easy to spot so please say hello to any of our supporters along the way!


A few testimonial statements from the women accessing our services:

It’s ok to love, respect, forgive and enjoy myself in life because I am special and beautiful.

This is the first place I could speak in front of people…. Ever! I will be forever grateful to you beautiful ladies.

Thank you so much because of this course I go out there feeling so good that people now envy my confidence and care free attitude towards people’s opinions.


Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team if would like to register to run and or support us in the City to Surf I on August 30th.  Once again thank you for your support.